What is it?  From the Greek: tele = remote, and metron = measure.

Telemetry is an automated method of measuring variables at a distance.  It is used from vending machines to Formula 1 cars, or, in our case, pressures, flows and temperatures on utility sites.

Our expertise

More than 25 years involvement in telemetry applications gives us the knowledge and experience to advise and assist a range of companies in implementing and maintaining telemetry networks.

Within engineering projects, telemetry tends to be a specialised, little understood area.  By using Brightwell Systems, you can focus on the bigger picture, while receiving reliable and straight forward advice on what telemetry systems and equipment can best meet your needs.

Rather than just being a supplier of equipment, we can assist with all areas relating to telemetry, from design, product selection, configuration, testing and commissioning, and training.  An often overlooked area on which we focus is the maintenance and support of the system after the initial project has finished.  How will an on-call engineer be able to diagnose what has happened to the system in the middle of the night?

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