Telemetry for Renewable Energy

There is currently a large focus on the area of gas production through renewable sources, such as food and animal waste and from crops. As Gas Transporters, the gas distribution networks have an obligation to ensure that only gas of appropriate quality enters the gas network.

A number of challenges face this relatively new market, including the desire to standardise in a situation where many different companies and systems are involved.

DB1 RTU in renewable energy systems

The main benefit that the DB1 RTU brings to such sites is its flexibility. It can interface with systems from a wide range of different suppliers and combine that information into a standard set of data to be returned to the gas distribution network. Therefore, regardless of the make of equipment on site, the network's control room staff see a consistent set of values from every site.

The DB1 RTU is well proven across a range of Biomethane to Grid sites, and is the preferred telemetry unit for such sites for National Grid and Scotia Gas Networks.