Versatile and cost-effective Remote Telemetry Units

The Brightwell DB1 is a compact and flexible Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU), offering a wide range of options for inputs and outputs, and for connections to the central control system over a choice of communication methods, including satellite, radio, PSTN, dial-up modem, GSM modem and GPRS.

The ability of the DB1 to communicate via the mobile telephone network provides a flexible and low cost option for installing telemetry at small to medium sized sites which do not justify the cost of installing radio antennae or satellite dishes.


The DB1 can be installed in many configurations to match your specific, individual requirements and using a variety of communication options to suit every situation.


Designed to be compatible with the existing telemetry systems, the DB1 also works with PC-based software applications. It can interface with varied third party systems, such as PLCs and DCS, and is adaptable to therefore replicate exisiting solutions without huge replacement costs.


Every step of the way, the DB1 system has been designed with the user in mind, from installation and configuration, to diagnosing faults and loading new versions of the management software.


The initial capital cost of each DB1 unit compares favourably with equivalent systems. Installation costs are low due to its fast configuration and, particularly when communicating via the mobile telephone network, running costs are minimal.

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