The Project - GPRS Wireless telemetry

Traditional telemetry systems used within the gas sector have relied upon communication systems which have been expensive to install and operate, such as satellite or scanning radio systems.

This has meant that it has not been cost effective to install telemetry on simple sites, which have just a small number of parameters to monitor.

By offering the option of telemetry over the GPRS and GSM mobile networks, Brightwell Systems are able to offer much cheaper solutions, allowing telemetry to be installed at a wider range of locations, and at sites which previously would not have justified the cost of telemetry.  This allows remote monitoring to a much lower level within the utility network, and so greater visibility of, and quicker response to, any problems that arise.

Low cost telemetry solutions brought to the gas sector.

Scotia Gas Networks rebuilt a number of small pressure reduction sites in the South of England and added packaged boiler systems.  They installed DB1 RTUs to monitor the sites, with the RTUs using GPRS communications to their central monitoring system.

Client Problem

  • Small sites
  • Existing telemetry too expensive to install at these sites
  • No visibility of operation of site

Brightwell Solution

  • DB1 RTUs with GPRS comms
  • Cheap to install and operate
  • Improved visibility of sites


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